Tuesday, May 10, 2011

who you want as a neighbor?

I want to get one thing straight. I'm all for keeping kids safe but some common sense is needed in the laws. Do you want thousands of S O running around our country? Well that is what we have and the numbers keep growing.

Not because we have that many sickos in this country it because someone is making money or wants to get votes.

When you look at WHO is a S O. The 16 year old boy and girl who video tape themselves having sex then share that with friends. Do they both need to be S O. NO...Do that need that title for the test of their life. No.

Does the 16 year old who had sex with someone who was 13. No...

How about a 35 year old who had sex with someone underage. Where the girl was all for it and even push it. Maybe some jail time but not the title if this was his only time and it was over 10 years ago.

What I'm trying to say is the law has gone way to far. There are men in Florida who can't live in a house because it is close to a park. They live in the wood or are homeless.

NOW you tell me who do you want walking on the street. A guy who did his time , got help. Now has a job. A family. Or someone who can't get a job because he has a label, who can't get a house, now you tell me. Who is going to messed up? And who do you want as a neighbor? I hope I made you think on this one.

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