Monday, May 2, 2011

please listen

Today I get a phone call from my congress women that I have talked to once before. She knows my story. But today she was retuning my call. I had ask for a secret to getting our Gov. attentions. She didn't have any but listen to me for a few mins.  I told her I didn't think the law was right. How can you have some one who rapes get only a year but when guys look at underage pictures they could get 5,10,15 years.

When all that I have read say that these guys just want to look  at the picture, they do not want to rape or do any harm to anyone. JUST LOOK.. yes I know that is wrong. but they don't know that. when you have a problem with Drugs you can get help.. When you have a problem  with porn.. well that is a different story. If you were to walk into a DR. office to tell them you need help, you can't stop looking at underage porn,, That Dr. has to call the police where they will arrest you. The guy is trying to get help. If a drug person walked in they would get help. There is some thing wrong with this.

After talking to the Congress woman, she is on my side. She want to stay in touch with me and maybe have me speak to the state congress. WOW.. I don't like talking in front of big crowds.. let along congress. But I told her I would do what ever I needed to do to get my voice heard.

Some one needs to have the balls to change the law.. might as well be me.  Now how do I grow them? I need Beer and some sports.. =)

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