Friday, May 13, 2011

hard to hang on hope.

Today is Friday. The day I get to see my son. I used to look forward to seeing him. I still do but it getting harder and harder to stay strong. I learn so much about the laws and how hard it's going to be for him when he gets out. How hard it's going to be him and us. I want to tell him everything I know but don't want to get his hope down. I just tell him what I have done. Who I am writing to. How I am fighting for him and other like him.

I have started sending letters to not only Beebe but too about 20 plus Senators and Reps. I send out a new letter twice a week. I just wish one of them would listen to my voice. I wish I knew more wife's, sisters, mother who will fight with me. So far I know only three. I will say these other three ladies are very strong. I am glad to know them and too fight along side with them.

I will be going to St. Louis in AUG for a big conference. I will be learning new tool on how to write better letters. Learn about the laws. This is a wonderful group. Just wish I didn't have to join. I am look forward to meeting other in the same hell as me. I hope I get to hear happy story.

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