Friday, May 6, 2011

The way I view the world.

The best way for me to describe the way I think is to tell you that I am a Libra. That part doesn't mean much to me except the part where the sign is a balance scale. I feel like I can view both side of a story. I have always felt that way. That I could relate to both sides.

So with that said I will go on. I do believe that if you were to talk to every one in prison I bet they don't want to be there. I know what you are saying " well yea" ...Now here me out.

What I mean is; if they had a choose they would of gone down a better road in life. But life didn't take them down that great road. Robbers rob because they have to not because they want to. OK maybe some but not all. They need to rob to stay alive. Too feed their family. A person who kills. If you were to hear the whole story. They didn't have a chose. Drug dealer. Again tyring to stay alive. They know no other way. The school system may have let them down... Their parents... The government. Who knows.

I bet the prisoner know right from wrong but same not. Look at our media. I have never done drugs. Have only been drunk twice in my life. But with the media. I now look at smoking marijuana as something I should try. I used to think that was a bad drug. Could lead to even worst thing. But the media has change my mind on this. How? Its everywhere. TV show, movies And if they can do that Then I say we need a reality TV show about a family who husband/dad/son is a sex offender. We need a movie. We need to see the other side. The more people see that all the bad people are really not that bad. Just went down the wrong road.

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