Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Just got off the phone with Malvarn, The prison that has the RSVP program. My son has been appoved and will start in OCT. the program last a full year. The File parole hearing means shit.  March 26 2012 TE date means shit.. My son will be in prison for a year.There is nothing I can do to change that. NOT one person I can talk to, I can't write a letter. I just have to wait a year and see if he can get out  once he finish the program.

I just thought my heart was broken,, well now it is broken in tiny pieces. A full YEAR!!
And I have to tell him this. He will be getting move again. Some time this month.

WHY. can't I have a HERO.

just want an answer

Some of you keep asking me about my Birthday present. I didn't want to say anything in case it didn't happen. The more I learn the more I know Nothing. I can't get an answers from anyone.

My son has a Parole hearing coming up in OCT..(my birthday present) At first we were real happy about that, Now not so sure. We get a email saying his hearing has been moved, but when I called a few days ago it was on the 6 now its on the 12. Let me back up,, and start from the beginning.

My son got moved, he is not longer at Varner, but now at Calico Rock, way up north. Each prison has it own date each month for parole hearing. Varner might be on the last  Thursday of the month and Calico will be on the First Tuesday of the month. Since my son got moved so does his date, It was Oct 26, then got moved to Oct.6 now its Oct.12. But not knowing for sure, I call today. This will make 3 phones calls in the last few days, You would think when they pull up my son names it would have the right stuff on there. Today I hear for the first time. That Just HIS FILE goes to the hearing. DO WHAT?

My son looks bad on paper, but once you see him and get to knew him, you know he is a good kid, who just made a bad decision. If they could met his parents, they can tell we are good people. You don't know how upset I am over this. I can still write a letter and have it put in this parole file. I have even called the Prosecuting Attorney, to have him write a letter on his behalf. I have not heard back from him yet. I also left a message for My Son Counselor to call me back, to see if she will write a letter. Have not heard back from her.

Now I am trying to get a hold of anther Prison. You see, I am not sure what the hearing is going to be about. I don't know if it for his release or if its to see if he need to go to the RSVP program. Its a Sex offender program, and it only at one Prison. The one I have called twice today and can't get anyone to answer the phone. I want to see if he is on the list for the program. Or if they can tell me anything.

I don't know what kind of letter to write:
Do I write it on "how he doesn't need the program?
Or do I write on How he is a good kid and need to come home?

Just to let you know, My son likes where he is , They have a bigger library, and less inmates. If you mess up, they ship you to another prison. So he likes that everyone has to play by the rules. He is now a class 1, which is good. now he will get  more days off for good behaver. He is now off Hoe squad but they put him on a harder Hoe Squad. Between you and me.. he need the exercise. A little hard work doesn't hard anyone. But you didn't hear that from me.

Friday, September 9, 2011

what is on my mind today.

I want to tell my reader/friends a little up date, I don't just set on my butt knitting or think of a new Blog, That I am  still frighting for my son rights, and other like him. That is the top of my "to do list" every morning when I wake up.

I got two phone calls: One yesterday saying he was from ACIC,, that Gov. Beebe told him to call me,,, as I had question. I have not written Beebe in a while so don’t know what question he is talking about. But I did talk to him.  I will say he was nice, but very close minded. Him and Paula would get along great.

Another phone call to day. From the ADG paper, They wanted my permission to print my letter to the editor about the “The Last Pariahs”.  I don’t know if they will print it or not, but since they have my permission it will go to the editor with other letter and he will pick from those. This Sunday or Monday is when it might appear. 

Yesterday, I went to the Little Rock, We are getting our Radio show ready. I got to do one of the spots/adds for our new show.    Our spots might be up and running today or tomorrow.  I can now check that off my Bucket list. (didn't know it was on my list LOL)  I will let you know more about our show when it gets closer. 

This has been on my mind for a while.  As you know, I see the world  (at least I think so) different than most.

Another view.: ( my head is getting heavy with all this knowledge’s).

I get Google Alert on anything to do with Sex Offender stuff. In the last two day I got two different Alert but at the same time have one thing in common.  Parents NOT doing their job.

The first one,, if you want to read it

The mother of a boy molested by a registered sex offender is upset after she says the state failed to inform her that her son's attacker was released from prison.

First off,,, my heart goes out to her but mostly to the boy. But at the same time, (and yes I am going to say it) How dumb is this kid and his mother?  The Article say The Sex Offender goes after boy around the ages of 13-15. So we will have to guess that this young boy is around that age, And since he was molested by him once before and now 1 year later, still is around that age. (yup going there again) Does the boy like it ?  I am going to say NO.. but that since he was molested  once before, I am sure he has problems.

I am not saying it is right or that its wrong. What I am saying is that I hope the parent has taken this young man to have help. And I would hope the parent would have set down with her child and had a talk about right and wrong. I would not trust  the County Sheriff department  (CSD) to contact me in time. That I would hope that I had explain to my child that the “S.O.” might be out of jail one day and to keep your eyes open.  But clearly the Parent wanted the CSD to take care of the parenting for her. WE as parents need to do what we can to protect our kids. Not the CSD.

One more thing.. I know this kid is to young but I wanted to add. “you can chose to be the victim for the rest of your life or not.”

Another story:   A 17-year-old was given a deferred sentence for having sex with his 13-year-old girlfriend.   Lucas, pleaded guilty in May to lascivious acts with a child. The 13-year-old victim, now 14, said in a statement submitted to court there’s not a day that goes by that she doesn’t think about what happened. She started dating Floyd, then 16, they fell in love and she became pregnant.

Again where was the Parents to this girl?  At the age of 13 they were letting her “date” this young man? You would hope they knew she was dating him. Now this has rune her life and his.   I don’t think I need to tell you more of what I think about this. I am sure you are thinking the same think.

 Now I leave you with another thought. But this one is not mine.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good Morning

I have been walking all most every day for the past 2 weeks. The town I live in has a real nice Nature trail. I walk with two other ladies, but this week they are both out of town. On Monday I took my dog with me, and then I took him again today.  As we are walking, and since it was such a nice day out, I run into lots of people. As you walk by you say "good Morning" or Hello" That is just the kind of town I live in.

Well today as I am walking, I can upon 3 guys walking. As I pass them we said our greeting and keep on., Non of them would look me in the eye. Then I notice that none of the guys would really look at me,, which is fine.  But this is what was going thought my mind.  I am a single walker, I am not walking with a friend just a dog. As much as the public is scared of the "boogie man", it hits me,, maybe these guy think,,, that I think,, they are the boogie man.  

What they don't know and I wish I could tell them, That I look at all man in a new light, all crimes in a new light. I feel like I know the whole story, not the story the news wants you to hear, But the whole truth. I am not afraid anymore. I now look at these man and give them a big smile and say "Good Morning"

This whole thing, reminds me of a story I heard not too long ago. A kid Birthday party is held at a hand on Museum. All the boy go down the Fireman's pool, but when the girls wanted to go down it,, not one father was welling to catch them as they came down. This is sad.

Also.. How many planes take off and land in one day?  25,000 commercial flights ( I just Google that, it might be true it might not, but you get the idea)  
How many plane crash a day?           2010 there were 130 reported aircraft crashes and 1,115 people died. but majority of these are private aircraft. commercial aircraft have a very low crash rate over private aircraft. there is no real statistic for aircraft crashes a day because they rarely crash, therefore yearly statistics are taken.
How many Car crash in a day?  3,000.

Why am I asking these question? Well let me tell you. We are so afraid of taken a plane trip somewhere, but with the numbers it would be safer to take a plane then to drive. But I want to take those number and turn them into a different question.

How many kids are kidnap  in a day?..   (again Google)  .3
How many kids are kidnap a year?  115
I would ask the question "how many kids live in the US?"

 What I am trying to get at. Let your kids ride his/her bike to school, let them walk to a neighbor’s house. The crime rate is lower than it has been in years.
Get outside yourself,  and say "good morning" to a stranger. You just might make their day.