Monday, May 16, 2011

Question.. or to make you think

I have a question, Now you don't have to answer if you don't want to, But I do want to make a point and I hope it will make you think.

IF: you had a choose as to who your new neighbor was going to be. which one would you choose.

1. A person who has been in and out of jail for drugs. Doing them and selling them. He has spent time in prison and has gotten help, but has no job nor a good family support.

2. A S.O. who at the age of 20 had sex with his 17 year old G.F. her parents did not like him and the Girl becomes pregrant with his baby so instead of telling her parents she had sex; she tell her parents that he rape her. He spent time in Prison and went though a program for S.O. But still have to register as a S.O. because that is the law. So now at the age of 28, can't get a job, can't go to college, He has some support from his family but they are about to give up on him.

3. A S.O. who at the age of 21 looked at underage porn on the computer. Spent  time in prison, Went through the program. But with a new law he doesn't have to register once he gets out. He is 23 now, He is going back to college, His family is going to help him out. He got a good part time job so he can pay rent. Now has a G.F. He is getting his life back on track.

Now who do you want as a neighbor??  I hope I made you think about this. I am not sure who the bad guys is,, but I would not want to live next to the drug guy. With strange people coming to house all the time,, wild party going on. He is going to jail again.. Most do. it's the only thing they know how to do.

The other S.O (#2) would not be so bad, I know he won't do anything to me or my kids I feel sorry for him and hope he can find a job. he just need someone to give him a chance but won't because of his label.

#3.. This is what I am fighting for. Once a S.O. who didn't do anything that bad, where you know they won't do it again. Why do they have to register once they do there time. Now he can have a change at making a change in his life.

At a rate of 3.5 % of S.O. go back to prison.. at the rate of 30% for Drug related crimes.

Why can't the lawyer and Congress understand this? why do they think S.O. are bad people?  There are over 700,000 S.O. in the US. I know some of those are really bad people but most are not.

One more thing.. Did you know that about 80% of the internet is Porn.

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