Sunday, May 8, 2011

who am I?

This post I thought I would tell some things about me.  I am 45 years old. Been married for 25 years this month. To a great guy and a great Dad. I have two kids.

A son who is 21. He is very funny guy when you get to know him. He is wiz with the computer. After he was born, he could only say vowels sounds, after getting help from the age of 4 to 12, He can now speak but has a stuttering problem. Plus add that he is very shy because of this. he also has ADD. but he is my son who I love dearly. He is a big teddy bear. I love his bear hugs. His jokes, his laughs.

I have a daughter who is 18. She has been a great kid. Loves to play soccer, and plays the clarinet in the band. She has been a great kid. Has never given me any trouble. She is so smart.  Can remember anything. She just amazing me with how smart she is.  She will be going to college next year. Thank goodness it will be in the same town so I will still get to see her.

I can relate more to my son then to my daughter. I have dyslexia, very shy when I was in school. Never did go to college.  My Husband who is so smart, was in the Navy for 6 years. my daughter is more like him.

I got a letter from my son yesterday for Mothers Day. 
Dear Mom,
I know you don't like making a big deal about Mothers day, but I'm going to write you a letter anyway. So deal with it.! ;P

I just wanted to tell you that you mean the world to me, I couldn't have make it through all of this without you. You may not be perfect and buy way too much applesauce or toilet paper sometimes, but I couldn't ask for a better mom.

Hope you have a great mothers day.. I love and miss you very much.

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