Friday, May 27, 2011

What do I want to change in the law?

I have been giving this a lot thought.

1. To do away with the register. And here why: they do not keep it up to date. They don't tell you what all the person did. For example it might say "had sex with a minor". What it doesn't tell you: that he was 19 at the time, his girlfriend was 16. And he is now 35 years old. Why does he still need to be on the list?

2. They need help. People on drug get help. I have seen it in court. If you go thought re-hap they will let you go. So why can't SO? Why do they have to go to prison to get help? Arkansas is about the only state to offer help. Which is good But ,why can't they get help first?

I also would like to say. I know what my son did was bad. He does need to do his time in prison. But at the same time i wish he could get help first without having to go to prison to get it

After reading and learning so much about the law and how it effect not only the SO but.
their family. Well it just breaks my heart. Once they have done their time they should be able
to get on with their life. The ones who should be on the list are the dangerous one. The one who kidnap, rape over and over, kill. We don't put drug dealers on a list. Wouldn't you like to know who is selling drugs to your kids?

I have a question for you. How many times in the day do you see someone who you don't trust?. Just by the way he looks. Acts. Or just because?. Does that make that person a bad person..... No but in your eyes you don't trust him. Did you know that person is loved by others. His family. He could be someone dad. Brother, Uncle. Or best friend. He is just a stranger to you. Give that person a smile or just say hi. See what happen. I bet not a damn thing but you just might get a smile or hi back. Remember don't judge until you know the whole story

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