Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my heart

My heart is in Conway jail.

I got a phone call today from the Gov. Beebe's office. I have talked to this guy before. He is just doing his job, but at least my letter are getting read.
I just wish I could find someone with Compassion, someone who will look at the person and not the crime.
The only one who truly understand are the one going though them self or with there own family.

I keep fighting, but am I doing any good? Is it going to be worth it? All this sadness I live every day, will it end?

I know I and many other in my shoes all have a long road ahead of us, some have been on this road longer then I have.. but I am tried of this road, with the dirt, bumps, rocks and things in the way, I want my nice smooth, flat, sunny shining road back.

By the way: Just to add to my heart ache,  I might have to put down my 12 year old Golden Ret/mix. We got her 11 years ago from the pound. She has cancer in the month. I have paid 300.00 for the vet to removed it, but it came back fast. Now I could paid another 400.00 to have her upper jaw removed or put her down.

Just kick me when I.m down.. It doesn't hurt as much.

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