Monday, May 2, 2011

I want to be heard

I wish I had five min with whoever can help me. You see my son is in jail for looking at child porn. He did not touch nor hurt anyone. Just looking. He get five years. But when you watch the news or read where someone rapes a young girl they get a year at the most. Now I ask you which one do you want to see behind bars?

My son is only 21. He was in college. Quite shy. But a sweet heart of a guy. Has never dated. A geek. Loves computers, and  animals.

I wish someone would listen to me. The law is not right. Why does he still have to be punish after he get out: and after he completes a program. Why do we have special program for people on drug and who drink but not for people who have a problem with sex.

Anyone who has a problem with child porn and knows it and wants to get help. The doctor will have to report it. Then that person might end up in prison. But he was trying to seek help. This isn't right. My son has never been in trouble before. This is the first time. And he is looking at five year. And then a life time of being label. Where is the justice?

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