Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A sample letter

 I though I would put on here one of my letters,This is the one that will go out tomorrow. I will change some of it around depending on who I am sending it to. but thought you might like to read it. 
One more thing.. I get to see my son tomorrow. =)

I might not write this letter the correct way, or I might even misspell words. What I do know is that I have is Common sense.  I can tell right from wrong. The Sex Offender laws are messed up. Someone really needs to look into them.

1. When some needs help with alcohol addiction they go to AA. When a drug user needs help, he can go to NA. When someone needs help with Porn, where do they go? If  they go to a Dr, then the Dr. has to report it. How is this right? The person was trying to get help.

2.  People don’t believe that someone wants to just look at underage porn. This is all they want to do, they don’t have any desire to touch a kid. I Know it is wrong to look, so put them in jail, but do they have to register afterwards? I do believe only Level 3 and 4 need to register, and then it should be based on each case.

3. When you are convicted for a sexual crime you get labeled Level 1, level 2 etc. But Pine Bluff can change it  to whatever level they want. By reading the rules on the different levels someone who should be a level 1 could walk out as a Level 3 Just because Pine Bluff thinks they might do something worse. Well then if they do, then make them a level 3 but not until they do the crime.  If everyone is automatically a  level 3, then How do you get to be a level 1… just by Thinking of looking at Porn? Again common sense.

4.  I have a question for you. You tell me who do you want walking on the street. A guy who did his time, got help. Now has a job. A family. Or someone who can't get a job because he has a label, who can't get a house, now you tell me. Who is going to mess up? And who do you want as a neighbor? I hope I made you think on this one.

3.5 % of sex offenders go back to prison compared to 30% for Drug related crimes. Who are the bad people here?

I am willing to talk about this to anyone. And I just hope this letter come across your desk.

By the way.. who am I? The mother of a soon to be S.O. My son is 21, all he did was look at underage porn.  Where is his second chance?
Jane Smith

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