Friday, May 6, 2011

is it a bad dream or is it an April fool joke ??

How did we get where we are at?

March 31 the night before April fools day. 9:30 I get a phone call from the Conway county jail telling me that my son is making a collect call. At first I though he had found a program to make it seem like a collect call. That would be something he would do.

When I start talking to him, I can't tell if he is laughing or crying. It doesn't take me long to realize that he is crying and this is for real. You know when they said your life can change in a moment. Well it can.

He keep calling us over and over because we only get a one minute  phone call. Then they wouldn't let us talk until we put money on an account. We called the jail to tell them to tell him about his one free phone call. So we finally get to talk to him about what was going on.

By10:30 we had a lawyer. Told him everything would be OK. That is one phone call I never want to get. Never though I would get.

Still after one year can't believe we are living this nightmare. The next day we meet with the lawyer. We could not see our son but the lawyer could. He went and talk to him.

The next day was his first of many court appearance. His bond was going to be set that day. I was not looking forward to seeing him in the black and White jumpsuit but at the same time I needed to be strong for him and me. I wanted to see my baby boy. To give him a hug. To tell him that someone made a mistake and this will all go away.

They would not bring the inmate to the court room that day. But had them on camera. I got to see my son on TV. In hand cuff. Took every thing I had to hold it together.

After his bond was set. We got the paper work done and waited for him to walk out of jail. The first words out of his month was sorry. I told him he didn't need to tell me. I knew he was. I just wanted him home.

We had to stop by the college to get his stuff. The college is the one who turned him in. His phone and backpack was at the college Police station. We had plan on going by getting his stuff. His keys. Going to eat as we were getting hungry.

When we got to the college Police they would not let us out of their sight. My son had to sign paper that he would not step foot back on campus. We had to go with a police officer to his apartment to clean it out right now. Thank goodness I had a big car and so did my son.

As we were not aloud to come back the next day. And that is how the nightmare started. And I can't seem to stop having the same dream over and over again. Someone please wake me up and tell me it was just a dream or a bad April fool joke.

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