Thursday, May 5, 2011

too many voices

Today I heard from the other side of the fence.  A lady who was a victim.  I don't know the story; just  that her dad was involved. She was against All that I stand for. She has ever right  to. But the way I see it. Every one of those men (I use men just because there are so few woman who are S.O) Who are S.O. or have not been caught yet. Everyone of them need help. Some of them may know it is wrong but just can't help them help, or they think this is the normal. No one has told them any different. I don't care what they have done. They need help. yes I know there are some really bad men out there. and there are some that need to be hung by there balls. But they still need help.

Did you know that there are only in the whole USA where you can get help for sex additions. Tiger Wood went to one of them in MS. Do you know what it cost to go to one of these places? Well I don't know the exact amount but its is real expensive, not every Tom, Dick, and Harry can afford to go. So how does an average Joe get help.Well He doesn't, unless he gets caught, put in prison,, where if he is lucky they might have a program for him to go to; and it might work.

This is fairly new crime, 20 years, that is how long the internet has been around. But Porn has been around for many, many years; but wasn't that easy to get your hand on it. Now it is. So unless you take the porn off the internet. (yea good luck with that one) Then we are always going to have a problem. Not only is there bad men in USA,, but around the world where we have no control over. But the internet is world wide,Where everyone can see anything. Did you know that about 80% of the stuff on the internet is some sort of Porn. that mean only 20% of the internet is where SOME people go. Notice I said SOME and not MOST.. that would be because MOST are going to the porn site.

I feel like the Government is putting the wrong people behind bars. I know it is hard to get the person who sales the drugs. But it real easy to get the guy who uses the drugs. If we had a commercial "this is your brain.. this is your brain on drugs" why can't we somehow get the word out that looking at underage kids is bad,, rape is bad,, you need help.. call 1-800-We Can Help...

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