Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Senator

Just got off the phone with The Senator Sue
Like talking to a brick wall.  She started telling me about the ONE place in US that monitories for active over the net.  I could not get a word in,, to tell her maybe we need more than ONE place.

I guess they caught a couple in TX who had a great business going with taken picture of kids and selling them. That’s great. I told her, That is the bad people we need to be going after.

I brought up that I  heard of a church  (http://freerangekids.wordpress.com/)  who isn’t letting one man in the child care area,  so what they are saying is that EVERY MAN in the US is a bad guy.

That Maine passed a law where if you are starring at a kid you could be arrested. She tell me we are not Maine..  NO we are not but it won’t take us long to get there if we don’t do something about it now.

I told her that 80% of the internet is porn.. She asked me who is the one person  that is more likely to offender on a child. I said someone the child knows..   NO a teenage boy.  (now I have never heard that one before and find it hard to believe.  But since I didn’t have any facts on this, I didn’t say anything.)

I did tell her that my Sister in law who is a social worker for kids. Is still willing to let my son see her two little girls. His cousin,,,, who love him dearly. He is like the Uncle you wish you could have. Plays with them,, picks on them. Play videos game.. reads to them. He is great with kids.  Now if she is still able to truth my son with her two girls, then he can’t be all that bad.

She did tell me that she will not be running again in 2013   YEA!!  LOL    But I told her that I would like for her to think before she signs a bill,, that is all I am asking.

She had to leave as her daughter was calling.. or that is what she was telling me.. Maybe I was getting to her. LOL

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