Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A nice person

I can't seem to get this story out of my mind.

  It is one that I have never heard of before: 

What they found on the computer was unlike anything some of the investigators had ever come across: graphic, online chats about his desire to abduct, kill and eat children. They said he had also made photos of a naked 2-year-old boy in a roasting pan inside his oven.
 This is just a short  part of the whole story. You really need the stomach to read the rest. The part that I can't get out of my head is how people will think, a person who looks at underage porn is doing this. When in reality,  less then 5% in our world would do something like this. The media will have you think "every Sex offender who looks at porn will do this"

Well the whole think just makes me sick. I have heard  stories from mothers about their sons. None of them did any thing like this.  Most young men who get caught with underage porn is from a peer to peer site. The young men were downloading music or videos, in the mix would be hiding pictures. Some of the young men did not know the pictures were on their computer, some did, but would delete them, and some young men would view the photos for the grossness of it.  I can understand this. Look at the TV, movies and videos game they play.

The above news article reminds me of Jerry Sandusky. You will have people think that everyone who has touch a child has touch hundreds of them. Which is not the truth. 

Bottom line. You have two types of people who comment a sex crime.
  1. Sex offender ~Some one who has makes a bad decision or a mistake. There might have been a victim but no violence. Does not need treatment just needs a chance.
  2. Sexual Predator ~Some one who grooms their victims, will have more then one victims over a period of time. Treatment might work. This person is the one we need to worry about.              
So who do you want behinds bars?  Sexual Predator

 Who do you want to stop wasting your tax paying money on? Nice person

Who do you want on the register?  Sexual Predator

Who would you give a second chance to?   A Nice person

 A nice person,  Has learned his lesson or was falsely accused, could be under the age of 19. This person does not want to be remember for his mistake, Want to become a part of society. 

 Don't let the media made you think 
 ever Sex offenders is a bad person, 
because they are not. 
95% are a nice person.

Read more here: http://www.heraldonline.com/2012/08/04/4164177/vast-international-child-porn.html#storylink=cpy