Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wake up people

Today,  compared to any other day, I read a lot of news,  I listen to stories from the people who call me. It sad to read and listen. 

Today is different. Today, my eyes are open even more to this crazy American we live in. It pains me to see the trouble my son has to live with every day for the mistake he made. At the same time I am grateful to him for open my eyes to the world around me.  
 I would say my eyes are so open, I can now see the light. That is not true. My eyes are so open to see the darkness this American is headed.

Today, I read an article about a Texas School who want their kids to wear a special ID necklace so they can track them where every they are. If the kid is late coming to school, The ID will wake them up. Now on paper this sounds like a good idea, but is happening to our Personal privacy and personal freedoms?

If successful, the tracking program could save the district as much as $175,000 lost daily to low attendance figures, which in part determine school funding. Higher attendance could lead to more state funding in the neighborhood of $1.7 million.

All about the money, The heck with teaching the kids’ stuff that would make them want to come back. Or offer help to the kids who might live in a trouble home and can’t make it to school, because of number of reason. Nope all about the money. 

Now I would not write right about just this story alone. I said above this day is different. After I read this story, that was sent to me by email. I go to Facebook and come across this story.

Everyone wants their child to succeed, and while that may look different for each kid, it shouldn't be based on how they look.
"The students should be measured for where they are, because the color of your skin doesn't determine that," she said.

A school board want to lower the standard for each color of skin. I would call this racist! If you really wanted to improve education, it would start by improving the standard of living for ALL students. A kid who is tired and hungry and stressed from poverty conditions is not going to perform up standard in school.  

 Again, all about the money. 

Why not used the money to help the kids at HOME.

The two stories have so much in common. 

Where is American going? 
Not UP, but down,, way down. I don’t like this, don’t like it at all.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Advice for Mothers

For all the mother who just sent your sons to college. 

You hope that you have taught your son right from wrong. 
You hope he has been listing to you on different life lesson. 
You hope that in this next step into manhood, he is ready. 
 You hope.

I'm sure some of your last word to you son went something like this. 

" Don't do drugs, 
   Don't drink."

 And you forgot to add this, because boy will be boys, and you are sure he would know this any way

 "Oh and if you look at porn make sure it's 18 or over" 

I did say something to my son, but I wish I had said this.

" Do drugs,   
try them all, have fun. 
 Drink a lot, 

We can fix both of these if you get hooked. 
We can pay the fines , we can get you out of jail.  It's college. Go have fun.

 Now listen real close to this part.   

  • What you don't need to do is have sex, or think about sex.
  • Don't date
  • Don't be left along with a girl. 
  • Don't look at porn, I don't care the age.
  • Don't download music, matter of fact don't download anything. we can buy you the music.

  • Don't get into a relationship, and if you do don't have sex with her, but if you do, make  sure she is over the age of 18.
  • Don't break up with her, you will be better off if she break off with you, that way you know she won't accuse you of anything.
Be careful of what you want to become, if you want to be a teacher you might want to rethink that or even a coach.

Think about whether or not to get married, can your new wife be trusted? If you  ask for a divorce, will she be the kind of person to want revenge?

 Think before you have kids, again if something happen, will your wife make your kids say you did something to them? 

" But mom, if I do what you tell me, that won’t be a life,"

" I know son, but if you don't listen to me, you might become a sex offender and that life will be hell. I know, you have dreams of having a loving wife, 2.5 kids, a nice job, great friends. But son, You might want to become gay. It just might be safer."

Mom, talked to your son. You just might save their life.   

You hope. 


As much truth in in what I have to say about Doing Drug, I do not condone doing Drug or drinking.  I do know it both are very hard to stop once you start. The only reason I said the above is on the Law side of it. People who do drink or do drug seem to have it much easier once they get caught (This is base on a First Time offense. They might spend the a few night in jail. They might get a fine. All in all they can get on with their life. 
Unlike a First time offense for a Sex crime.

 As I was looking for picture for this blog, I found this one, I know it has nothing really to do with this blog but then it has everything to do with it, Plus I found it funny.