Saturday, August 27, 2011

A letter

Here is a letter I wish I can mail to someone who will listen and do something.

Dear HERO,

How many man are setting in prison that don't need to be there?
How many life can you make better?
We need to listen to the victims. There are times when they are not telling the truth. 
We need to make girl/woman  countable for their action.Some woman are saying rape just to hurt someone.

I have now met 10 men who need a second chance for one or two reasons. They have learned their lesson or was wrongly accrues. We don't have that many bad people in Arkansas but the PA and judges are too scared to let these men walk free. If anyone with common sense can tell these men should have their life back.
Some are getting help. Which is what they need in the first place instead of prison or probation. Anyone who is on drugs or who has an alcohol problem get help as a first time offense. Think of the money the state could save if you let these men and other like them have a second chance. Get them off the list. They didn't hurt anyone before nor will they ever. Let them have a family. Let them walk around with their head held high. Be proud of themselves  
Stop the shame that is brought on to their family and loves ones.

As a mother, it does me no good to know who is on the list. It does not work. What can I learn from looking at the list? Nothing but put fear in me. Making a man live so many feet away from a school or park is not going to stop the bad guy,  what it does do is keep the good guys who shouldn't  be on the list from taking their own child to the park or watch their child play in a game. It is ruining life.

So please look at the men and woman who are on the list.
Let them go free.
Become a part of society.
Let them show there face in public.

As a mother to one of these men, I wish there was someone who could tell me everything is going to be ok. I don't know if you are the one who can make that happen but I am running out of hope for the life I have always dream for my son.
Thank you for reading my letter, that mean a lot to me.
a mother with a broken heart.

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Miriam said...

Like always, Lora, I agree 100% with everything your wrote. We're going to keep fighting this insanity and hopefully several years from now, no mother will be writing a blog post like what you just shared.