Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good Morning

I have been walking all most every day for the past 2 weeks. The town I live in has a real nice Nature trail. I walk with two other ladies, but this week they are both out of town. On Monday I took my dog with me, and then I took him again today.  As we are walking, and since it was such a nice day out, I run into lots of people. As you walk by you say "good Morning" or Hello" That is just the kind of town I live in.

Well today as I am walking, I can upon 3 guys walking. As I pass them we said our greeting and keep on., Non of them would look me in the eye. Then I notice that none of the guys would really look at me,, which is fine.  But this is what was going thought my mind.  I am a single walker, I am not walking with a friend just a dog. As much as the public is scared of the "boogie man", it hits me,, maybe these guy think,,, that I think,, they are the boogie man.  

What they don't know and I wish I could tell them, That I look at all man in a new light, all crimes in a new light. I feel like I know the whole story, not the story the news wants you to hear, But the whole truth. I am not afraid anymore. I now look at these man and give them a big smile and say "Good Morning"

This whole thing, reminds me of a story I heard not too long ago. A kid Birthday party is held at a hand on Museum. All the boy go down the Fireman's pool, but when the girls wanted to go down it,, not one father was welling to catch them as they came down. This is sad.

Also.. How many planes take off and land in one day?  25,000 commercial flights ( I just Google that, it might be true it might not, but you get the idea)  
How many plane crash a day?           2010 there were 130 reported aircraft crashes and 1,115 people died. but majority of these are private aircraft. commercial aircraft have a very low crash rate over private aircraft. there is no real statistic for aircraft crashes a day because they rarely crash, therefore yearly statistics are taken.
How many Car crash in a day?  3,000.

Why am I asking these question? Well let me tell you. We are so afraid of taken a plane trip somewhere, but with the numbers it would be safer to take a plane then to drive. But I want to take those number and turn them into a different question.

How many kids are kidnap  in a day?..   (again Google)  .3
How many kids are kidnap a year?  115
I would ask the question "how many kids live in the US?"

 What I am trying to get at. Let your kids ride his/her bike to school, let them walk to a neighbor’s house. The crime rate is lower than it has been in years.
Get outside yourself,  and say "good morning" to a stranger. You just might make their day.

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Anonymous said...

Some very profound thoughts, my friend!