Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Just got off the phone with Malvarn, The prison that has the RSVP program. My son has been appoved and will start in OCT. the program last a full year. The File parole hearing means shit.  March 26 2012 TE date means shit.. My son will be in prison for a year.There is nothing I can do to change that. NOT one person I can talk to, I can't write a letter. I just have to wait a year and see if he can get out  once he finish the program.

I just thought my heart was broken,, well now it is broken in tiny pieces. A full YEAR!!
And I have to tell him this. He will be getting move again. Some time this month.

WHY. can't I have a HERO.


Anonymous said...

My Hubby got a letter in the mail that says he has completed both phases for the entry process into the RSVP program. And that has been placed on the accepted listfor the Quachita River Unit. Does he still have a chance forthe parole board to not stipulate him to take it? Did your Son recieve any notice like this? Amanda

momtosrs said...

No we never got a letter. My son took the assessment to see what level of sex offender he would be. Has you husband taken his? I am guessing that my son assessment showed that he did not need the RSVP program. When he had his parole hearing they told us he didn't have to take it or any program. But his parole officer has told he has to go thought a group therapy. Which I think would be a lot better for my son. Good luck to your husband. I have heard good and bad about the program. If there was a victims then it's a good program. No victims. Like my son then it a hard program to do.