Tuesday, August 16, 2011

That my spot

Joe the SO
 Read this first so this part will make sense.

I send my son pages from a blog called JOE.. My son readed this one the other day and then wrote me this part:

"They do the same thing here, but with the Benches. People will put head phones, cups, a pillow on a seat then leave it there. Sometimes without sitting there for hours. It's worse on weekends when they play movies. 3-6 spots will be "saved" for the whole movie. Now, I can see leaving something, headphones/ a cup if your going to the bathroom, but i hate it when it's there 24/7.

Items used to save spots: cups, clothes, pillow, headphone, very expensive $25.00 radio with expensive headphones.

How they don't just get stolen, I have no idea. The best part; I'll be watching TV, and someone will ask if I saw anyone take a cup that was near by. happen at least once a day. Fully agree with the "Twilight Zone" bit.

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