Sunday, August 7, 2011


Breathe,, take a big breath, and just breathe. Your son is worth every minutes and every hour you put in to help him and others like him. Just Breath!! It will be worth it,, Trust me.
 So this is what is going onI have been working on getting all the email, phone numbers, info on every Arkansas Representatives and Senators on our new web page.   Plus I might, I have not heard yet,  will be doing some work with,    Now I just signed up with   I told them I was willing do what I can. And they took me up on it. LOL  
Am I crazy?  No? Yes?  A mother has to do what  mother has to do. It is going to take more then one group to stop these law and to make changes. I want to be there when it happen. So if this is what I have to do, then I will do it. If I don't do anything and if no one did anything.. well then nothing will be done.
 I do miss the normal days. When I had no worries. But this is the new normal.  It is real hard to get up in the morning and face the day, knowing it was not a dream. Knowing that your son is in a place he shouldn't be in. Knowing that today you need to do something to make his life better once he gets out. To not have to face the new HELL that awaits him. It is so hard to get up and do all of that, to think of that everyday.  I have to grab on to anything that will put a smile on my face or make me laugh. Those are very rare these days. And to anyone who knows me, Know that I love to laugh, to smile, to have a fun time.  I miss my son. he could make me smile and laugh. He would pick on me by telling me how many rolls of Toilet paper I had in the house. If you were to take them and un-roll them how long it would be.  I miss that.  I have never lost anyone real close to me. And I hope I don't for a very long time. The pain that I feel has to be real close to losing someone. Or at least I can understand that a Pain you feel is not like any other  pain. It hurts,, deep down. 

I am not mad at my son. I am more mad at the People who make up these laws.
I just read this tonight. It said it best. : I did not write this.  It was in a newsletter I get from CfcAmerican. I just love the way Amanda wrote this. makes so much sense to me.
crime2:22 am. The kids are all in bed. The house is quiet. I just made a cup of stiff coffee in my Bodum coffee maker and I am sitting here relaxing. Soon it will be time to get up, I really should go to bed in the next hour or so.. as I need to get up at 5 am to get all the kids ready for school and drive them all where they need to be.
I was looking through some graphics I had downloaded so I could send a picture of our new snow to my friend in India when I came across this little depiction. I gave a little chuckle.. really not a funny haha type chuckle, but more of a cruel laugh, an eruption of contempt as I shook my head and found humor in the disgust of it all.
What has this nation of America become?  
I am told the Roman empire fell due to the greed of the people and that our civilization is going the same way. This makes me want to study Rome and the Fall of the Roman Empire. I can see our nation in comparison to Rome in that our people are steeping themselves in the glory of all their bodily lusts... insuring the satiation of all desires to the fullest... no matter if our their New Rome, Amerika burns down from corruption, deceit and injustice around them.
How true the little comic. How childlike the statement, Dad, I am considering a career in organized crime... and the father, in his wisdom responds questioningly.. Government or Private Sector?
But you know, there is an error in that question... 
Those who make up the government are organized crime. Think about it. Citizens slime their way into being politicians, who go off to Washington to vote on bills which if passed, will allow for citizens to be forced to give up their tax dollars to support laws which force companies to purchase the products which the Politicians who got the laws passed, have invested in via the Stock Market... Organized Crime Within the Government.
Here is a theoretical situation.. Government concocts a law, say, the Adam Walsh Act... within it's confines, buried down deep.. is a little one liner, GPS MONITORING FOR ALL UNDER THIS NEW LAW. Now, the politicians who drew up this law know of a company who produce and service GPS monitoring devices... so, they tell the company they will take good care of them when the law passes.. insure their company gets a LOT of contracts for GPS tracking of parolees.. and nasty RSOs. So the politicians, and all who are involved in the new laws buy stock in the companies which will be servicing these new laws.. GPS, Privatized Prisons, Psychiatric Hospitals... the list long.. then the law passes..
All across the nation the politicians wine and dine all the states representatives, the media.. all their contacts to get them to implement the law.. and when they do.. PARTY TIME... Now is the time to start filling those contracts in all cities for all the products which the politicians have invested their hard earned, stolen tax dollars. 
It is a success.. all the states and cities are now purchasing their products.. they all are rich beyond their dreams... hell, they do not even need that huge pension and medical benefits the tax payers are giving them any more.. now, they can ride the Stock Market Boat.....
Yeah, the little cartoon is a twisted funny... but I must ask you, Is there really a difference between Organized Crime and Politics in Amerika?
Amanda K.
 I do hope you like what Amanda wrote. I sure did.
Not sure what this cartoon is talking about, , I can just see a Sex Offender trying to get off the list with his paper in his hand... So it not funny when you put it like that.

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Miriam Graham said...

Good job, Carla! You are an amazing lady and I hope your son realizes how lucky he is to have you fighting for him!