Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A soft happy song in my heart

Got back to today from Gulf Shore beach, Had a great time doing nothing.  I did check my phone for email on my son to see if he was getting moved. Never did get any notice.  Could not understand why they were still keeping him.

I can go to his web-page and see when his release date is. It went from Nov-12,, to May-12 and now it March-29-12.  The people at the holding place where he is/was can change anything after doing all the
 initial processing called, intake is conducted.They receive physical, psychological, and academic examinations.They are also medically and mentally classified. So far it looks like they have decided he didn't need to do the RSVP program. We got our second letter from him today saying the same thing, That the RSVP is for S.O. who touch and /or are real bad.

We were home for about an hour when I got on the computer and it pop up. He has been moved to his new place. He is now at Varner about 30 min out of Pine Bluff. We were hopping to get a phone call from him but its 9:00 pm and no phone call. So maybe tomorrow. I know he has to get info from the guards, get set up in his room and sign paper work. So I am sure that took all day.

I didn't know much about Varner. He is going to have to be very careful there with his story. The other place I thought he was going to go to held all S.O. so I know he would not have to worry about getting in trouble there. But at Varner they have all kinds there. I know the guard are to tell him how to stay safe. I hope he listen to them.

Now that he has a new date for release, he will have to start at a level 3 for good behaver,   I am not sure how the number are so I am going to make them up so you can understand.   All prisoner start off at Level 3 (this has nothing to do with being a S.O.)   for every 1 day you are good you get 2 days off your date, after 30 days, Now remember I am not sure about the numbers. You move to a level 2 or 4, level 2 being good ,, level 4.. bad!!  Level 2.. you will get 3 days off for every one day good. After 30 day or less you then move to a level 1,, oh course that mean you have been good. This number I do now for sure. For every one day you get 6 days off.  All it take is for you to mess up and you move up a level. So you want to stay at a level 1.

I know my son will be a good kid,, it all the other guys I am worried about, The one who will pick on him, and get him in trouble.

This is why my heart is singing. it is a small step to him coming home sooner. PLUS someone somewhere,, Up above or down below.. is listening to me, I didn't want nor did I think he needed to go through the RSVP program.  So thanks to everyone for the prays and whoever is listening to me. Thanks you so much so this big step in him coming home sooner.


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