Saturday, July 16, 2011

should I worry?

I have gotten about  5 letters from my son this week. I think he is bored. Today letter has me a bit worried.

He writes:
Went out to the "yard" today. Very big, has a basketball court, volleyball and softball, yes they give us aluminum bats with like 2 people to watch over 150 or so of us. Anyway, I was sitting in the shade, on the grass because its so hot out. So, I'm setting there when a  black guys come up and starts chatting to me, Seems nice, gives me some advice and stuff. Then he randomly asks if I am homosexual and I'm like NO.  Then he say I'm kinda cute... Great. Someone already hitting on me. I left and hung out with some guys from my barracks after that. Been here 2 days, thought it would take longer for that to happen. NO clue what barracks he was in, they had a lot out there, Hopefully that's the worst that happens.

Should I be worry? Or should I be happy that someone thinks he cute. ? OK I can't believe I just wrote that.

Tomorrow (Sunday)  I am driving to Little Rock for a big meeting of the minds. Can't wait to see my new friends.  We should be able to get a lot done, We have lots to talk about.

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Diane said...


I can not imagine what it must feel like to have a child in your situation. I can only wonder what emotions must be involved. Unfortunately these types of behaviors do take place. The only experience I have with these types of facilities are the stories that my uncle told me and my husband who is a CO has told me. It is sad that these types of situations do occur but my only advice would be for your son to surround himself with other people who are not likely to have these types of "interests". Hopefully he is able to get past it and avoid any future conversations with this individual and can finish up and get on with his life. I wish you and your family well, my thoughts and prayers, always!