Wednesday, June 29, 2011


With swollen eyes, as I write this blog tonight. It has not been a good day for me.

This will be a different blog, as I am not going to write about how much I hate or what is wrong with the laws.

I am going to start with today and work backwards.

Today I got the email that I did not want to received but the one my son has been hoping for. He is now been move from County Jail to what they call a  The Diagnostic Unit in Pine Bluff.  They will ask him questions and run test on him. He could be there 7 to 14 days. He can't call us, he gets to write one letter to us.  This is one more step closer to Prison.

I found out two things today, 1. He would of gotten to wear his regular clothes but we took them. So not sure what he wore, I know he has two white t-shirts and 2 pairs of underwear. This is what he might have wore out of there. NO shoes,  I am not sure on this. I hope they gave him something for his feet and pants.        
2. I called a lady today to see what I could find out about his money and mail. After talking to her I  find out that Malvern Prison is the only Prison in AR with the RSVP Program. My son has to take this program. He can't get out until he completes it. I am fine with that. BUT there is a waiting list, and since my son Has to take the program, his name will go to the top of the list. That still doesn't mean much. Since there is a waiting list he might have to go to another prison while he waits for room to open up in Malvern.  I don't like that part. Malvern is mostly S.O. they will not judge my son there. Any other prison he might run into trouble. That the part I am worry about.

I am trying to put this all in Perspective. I just found out that an acquaintance of my has breast cancer. A friend of our from MS has internal bleeding and they don't know why or where its coming from.  An old friend of my just lost her Mother (who I also knew) ,  I know it could be worst, So again I am thankful that my son is alive and safe. I still wish he was home.

The Other 4 people I talk about who are also fighting this. I can now add a fifth one. I have not met him yet but he is also a S.O. I have talk to him by email. I can't wait to met him. The 6 of us have been doing a lot of emailing back and forth. We all seem to have our strong area that we work on. One of the ladies is working on research for a booklet so we can hand out, or mail out. The Other lady (the one who wrote the book) she an graphs artist . She is working on a new design for us. Our Arkansas group is called "Time after Time".   The head guy, who got this group going, Just got us a spot on the  radio. He will have a hour once a week to talk about what is going on. If he can't talk then one of us, or a guest will be on the show. We are all very excited about this.      "The Voice of the People"  

I need to be writing my new letter to the 40 plus people about getting a committee together. but my heart has not been there, And with that I feel like I am letting my son down. It not that I have so much on my plate, but I try to get a letter out to my son at least every other day, but I spend so much time online looking for stuff to send him. Then add house work on top of that, And I try to play with my clay and knitting,  I really need a chance to just set down and read about the laws, and see the numbers, So I can better understand what I am about to write. Its time like this, I really wish I was smart.

I almost forgot, I did write a short letter to three magazine about How I wish they would look into the laws. When I went to MORE magazine online they had a story  So it was the prefect time for me to write to them, I told them how much I love the story, a short sentence about my story and how I would love to see more about this. I have not heard any thing, But it was a step.

I have to write about the last letter I got from my son. This was the last part of his letter.

Love you! Miss You! and my bed, papa and Meme and my Grandma,   real food, a nice chair, the house, music, Russellville, Mom making a mess out of yarn, the pets, a fan, a light switches, email, real clothes, Privacy, Ice, School, Work, Fixing everyone computer,  video games,  my room,  grass,  Mowing,  Hell I even miss chores!

That was very hard for us to read.

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