Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I need to be going to sleep but with jet lag and being in Alaska with a three hour different; well here I lay awake. With vacation over I am laying here thinking about my son and how much he was missed on this vacation. He would of loved Alaska. We had on layer, he would of had on shorts. He is like a walking heater. You can touch him and feel the heat. He would hold my hands sometime to keep them warm and to cool him off. Sure did miss my heater. Tonight I have been thinking. Too much sometimes.

I'm on Facebook, there isn't a day that goes by that someone is asking for people to pray for someone. Which is fine. What I'm thinking about is "passion" for another person you don't know. You could be ask to pray for a third cousin's great uncle who has just found out he has cancer. You don't know this Uncle put can relate to the pain the family must be going through; because you know someone with cancer. Passion for a stranger. That is great. I love passion for other people that what makes this a great world we live in.

If I were to get on Facebook and ask for everyone to pray for the distant Uncle, he just
got put in prison for being a sex offender. You would be nice and pray but you might not have the same passion for this unknown person. You can't relate.

That is why I lay awake at night trying to find a new way for my voice to be heard. So you can relate and have passion to make a change.

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