Saturday, June 4, 2011

I want to scream.

I am not a smart person. I need to see not read to understand stuff. What I am good at is common sense or at least I think I am. Trying to read and understand what is going on with the laws and rules is very hard for me. To make it better for me, I try to read stories about what other people are going through.

So why do I want to scream.? After much thinking this is what I understand and am trying to come to terms with.

The law is trying to catch the bad guy before he does something bad. I understand that. But that leaves us with a bunch of whistle blowers. They call the cops. Even if the cops do let the guy go free. It has already made the news. He's mark! This is wrong,

We have giving the public this much power. Which is good in a way if we don't over use it. But we have. At the same time it would be nice if we had someone at the police station to say " STOP. This isn't right". The cops are just afraid of letting the guy go, because he might do something bad.

Now I say all of this because if I can see and understand what is going on why can't the smart people who can make a different!!!!.

That is why I want to scream. If I can understand where we are going as a country why can't the people we vote in?

Another thing I have to come to terms with. What my son did was bad. He is going to have to live with this for the rest of his life. Everyone in his family will have to live with it. One day I won't be safe in my own house if he moves in with us. Not from him but from the over protective people or the ones who take the law in their on hands. All the letters I send out will not help my son. It might a little bit but the one who will benefit the most from my fighting is the one who peed by the street. Who had sex with their under age girlfriend etc. The one who didn't do anything bad to the public eyes. Since I feel so strongly about this I will keep on fighting this, just in case it does help my son but also to save another mother from going though this with her son.

Another thing: if the authorities are going to put the info on the Internet of what the SO did so your neighbor can see. Think about this. Let say the SO was 19 , the girlfriend was 16. You are now a sex offender on the list. Go forward 20 years. The SO is still on the list. They put a new picture of the SO on the page every year. What the page will say is that the SO had sex with a minor. That's all. It does not say the SO was 19 at the time and she was the SO's GF. The pubic see a 29 year old who had sex with a 16 year. And they will think it happen yesterday. That is what going on in their head.

Another way the law is not working the way it should.

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