Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I would like to wake up now. I just feel like I keep banging my head on the wall, hoping that the next time I hit head my head it won't hurt, but it does. When will it stop?
I know I have only been in this fight for a short time compares to others.  I can't only imagine the pain and heart ache they feel. Knowing that they have scream and punch more then I have and are just now seeing some change.

When you listen to the news and I found myself confuses as to how I feel about sex offenders. I know that once they get help they are fine. I know that we have bad guys out there and then we have ones that we don't have to worry about. The news is all over this since the Penn state and now we have another Coach who did harm to 3 boys over 10 years ago. Now we haves guy on a plane looking at pictures.

 Now I am not saying that any or all of these guys did what the media said they did. It is just hard for me to hear these stories over and over again. Nothing changing. Not the views of the media or society. But all we are hearing is the worst of the worst it would be nice to hear a story of a young man doing something "normal" but in a sex crimes way, Then get arrest then maybe then society will be shock of this. Maybe the media will then start looking more into this law and how they effect the sex offender and their family.

One thing i wish would happen is before these guys/gals get arrest that they could find help. Just like someone who does drugs. One problem with this is that so many sex offender are falsely accuse.  So that would be hard for someone to go thought a program when you didn't do any thing. I also wish when the law enforcer question the accuse  they would also question the victims.

Now I wrote the above before I found out all the below:

Got a phone call last night from my son saying he was denied his parole because we have Internet in the house.  What makes me so mad is when I talked to his PO a week ago and told him we had Internet not once did he say that was going to be a problem. I try to met his PO on Monday before I knew the out come but he was off on Monday. But was told he would be in the office at 7 am tomorrow.
His dad and I were there this morning at 7. After waiting a few min. We finally got to see him.  He told us he could not change the rules.  Bull shit!!!  Can you tell I'm mad.

After telling him that we could put a password on our computer.
Take the computer out of his room. But a monitor system on our computer that way they could monitor us. He tells me he will talk to his boss.
I even ask him who I could talk to. The parole board. But instead I called A parole fighting lawyer who is know for his parole expert  He was out of his office but told me to give him the details, He told me they could not keep Steven home just because we have Internet.

After the lawyer made some phone calles. We founds out that the rule to the no Internet is not a parole rule but a SOSEN rule ( they are the one who do the sex offender assessment and rules) our new lawyer can't touch them so we are stuck with that rule. Found out that our son will be a level 2. Not what I wish for but not that bad either. Now we have to find a travel trailer or Rv to park on my parents land. If they will let us do that.

More news. My son called again tonight. This time with tear in his voice. He got wrote up again for something he did not do. He won't be able to call us for 15 days or buy anything any extra food. They seem to be everything they can to break him down. I have to make phones calls tomorrow to save his life.

Can I wake up now? PLEASE I BEG YOU!

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