Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 years, mean 5 years

Yesterday I went around the world and back just with phone calls.  Called Parole..
Me- Need to find out what the Parole board decided on my son"
No clue lady-  "yes it show he made Parole"
Me- I know that allready what else can you tell?
NCL- that its.
DID not tell her this .. But I already knew that!!!!!
Me- so who can I call to find out all the details?
NCL- the prison he is at.

Next call to the prison-
Me, Need to find the results about  my son parole
Guard_ Ok will put you thought
ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring etc..
hung up
15 mins later:
the same think

I did this from 8:30 to 10:30
The next time I called
Me- can I talk to the Warden
G- he is in the deer woods, would you like to talk to the ASS, Warden

Me-  Yes please
Not the Ass, but his clerk. who would not let me talk to the Ass, but gave me another number.

New phone call
Me.. etc..
NICE lady- yes I have them..
me- great, what all can you tell me
 so this is what I found out.  he can't get out this month as he misses the Early kick out date (Gov-Beebe) by 9 days. so the earliest he can get out is February 25 , but it could be later as they have so many coming out.
He does not have to take any programs. Yea!!  not even the one that last a year.
so that is all I learned from her.

I get a call from his parole Officer that is here in town. He starts telling me everything that my son won't be able to do.
He can't date anyone with kids.
He won't be able to have a computer (iphone, Xbox etc) 
He might not be able to work on our computer. ( NNNOOOOOOO) 
He will have to wear the ankle bracelet for 90 days,
Have to report to the Parole Officer twice a month. (which I'm sure will cost us)
He will have to go to consulting twice a week. (that fine, but I'm sure will cost us) 
He won't be able to go back to college to take computer classes.
The neighbors will be notify (but I will let them know before they get the letter)

I started tell him "how do they want my son to live? get a job? better himself"
The way he told me was- "he got 5 years, so if he was behind bar for 5 years he would not be able to do any of this anyway"
If they don't' take his computer away,, but put all this restriction on anyone and that will just make someone want to back and do bad things.
They could even take our computers away from us. But my daughter has to have it for College, my husband sometime works from home, and look at all I do on here.
So when they say not only Sex offender get a punished so does the rest of the family. I knew that part already  and now you maybe can understand it also.
Also found out that the Parole Officer did not know what level he was but with all the restriction they have put on him sounds like a Level 2.  How low can I go? My heart is so broken right now.
Hope and dreams are gone. I don't want to hear how fast 5 years will go by. In those five year is when a young person finish up college, try to get a job, maybe get married and start a family. I know he will be able to do some of that. But then put all these hoop and road block in front of him and see how hard it is. There will be so many people his age that will be so far ahead of him in life.

I can hear you in the background. "well he did do this?
yes he did and should pay.. I get that.. but don't you think 10 months is long enough to pay for what he did.
" NO" you say,
Well then do you know my son? have you met him? Or you just going by what the media tells you? That all Sex Offender can't change. That all of them are bad people. How many Sex offender have you met?
Well then I don't want to hear what you have to say. Unless you have either walk in my shoe or met my son. He and other like him are not bad people, they can change. he was 19 at the time. What did you do at age 19 that you hope no one ever finds out.

That is what I though.

I just want to scream. I knew this part was coming, but you know in the back of your mind you just hope,, You just hope that someone will  see how wrong this is.

I keep saying being in prison was the easy part, Now we are looking at a new set of HELL.

I do have two things cooking on the back burning. I hope they help out.

Something has got to happen and not fast enough for me.


One Fine August Day said...

I am so sorry to hear a lot of your troubles. I know we will face all of these same issues. We already know that computers will be off limits in our house. My husband worked with computers his entire life that is how he made his living. I am guessing time for a career change. Hugs to you.

momtosrs said...

Thanks for the hug. I know you understand. I give you and Peanut a big hug back.

Miriam Graham said...

I'm so sorry, Lora. I know how frustrating all this can be though I haven't experienced exactly what you have. We're all just going to work harder than ever. Things will get better. HUGS to you!

Dulantha said...

These stupid laws are not helping to protect the society. These laws are doing a great damage to the natural sexuality.

Anonymous said...

Hugs & prayers to help you make it through the 5 years with minimal trouble. I feel your pain. My son is going to do 9.5 years for cp and then he too will have 5 yrs. probation. Poor thing already has a long list of video games he wants to play when he gets out in 2020 and I don't have the heart to tell him it is very unlikely he will be allowed to. I agree the law has taken this too far.