Monday, May 7, 2012

My thought on the matter

My thought on the Matter. 
When do you come to the end? The end where you can't make any more law that will start taken away people right. When does that end? I say NOW.

Washington and the States keep passing laws that just don't make sense. "they" want to pass laws where you can't texting and drive., I get that, but texting is just ONE think that we should not be doing, How about NOT playing with the radio? I have been text driving new cars. Have you seem all the new bottoms on a new car?  How about when you just have so much on your mind that you zone out. Can we pass a law on that? How about you tell me that texting while driving COULD harm me. I will hear you and do what I want. If I want to text then I will, (I don't)  If I want to wear a seat-belt, or a helmet, If I want to put preparation H in my month, or put HOT coffee between my leg. Then let me do it. I know I could get hurt, and I guess texting might hurt someone else. I get that. But the Government is treating us like we are little kids that need to be told what to do. Well I'm tried of it!

Tennessee just passed a law where you can't hold hands, that might lead to sex and we can't have that now can we. So when does it end? 

A little boy in kindergarten can't wiggle or sing to "I'm sexy and I know it” without getting in trouble. Does he even understand why he got in trouble? I'm pretty sure he does not, but he does now and he is too young to be told why.

We have so many legislator wanted to make a name for them self, so they make up law to get them notice.  Case in point~ State Representative Jon Woods is now running for State Senate he has already come across as trying to make it tougher laws for sex offenders. We don’t need to be tougher on sex crimes when only 5% of them re-offended. 95% of sex crimes are commented by NON sex offender. So how can you make a law to protect kids against someone who has not been caught yet?  Parents need to educate their kids.

Which lead me to the Parents.

Parents think the laws are working. As Parents we have gone either two way. Real relax  or over the top. You either don't worry about you kid, Because you think the laws are out there to protect. Or you over protect, you wrap your kid in bubble wrap. You tell your kids so much that they are scared of their own shadow.  YOU need to watch who your kids hangs out with, Who is on their Facebook, Who are their friends. Why do they not like Coach Smith? You need to talk and find out.

 You don't want to give your young child too much information that might make them scared and take away their innocent. You do need to tell them that if someone touches them on their penis or vagina. You need to use the words not “inappropriate place". Kids might not understand that. 

1. Remind children: Safe grownups don't ask kids for help. They ask other grownups when they need assistance.
2. Replace the word “stranger” with the “tricker person””: It's not what someone looks like, it's what they say or want to do with a child that makes the person unsafe or “tricky.”
3. A tricky person can be someone you know well, don't know at all, or know just a little bit (mailman, ice cream man). Anyone who tries to get a child to break a safety rule or hurt a child is not okay.
4. Practice personal safety strategies with your kids. For example, practice what they should do if they are lost in a store. Teach them to freeze and yell or find a mom with children and ask her for help. What they should do or say if someone asked them for directions or asked for assistance.
5. Talk about “the uh-oh feeling”: Teach them to trust their instincts.
6. Establish a straightforward family rule: No secrets allowed, especially if it involves another adult.
7. Teach them they are the boss of their own bodies!
8. Teach them their name, address, and phone numbers (including cell phones), parents names.
9. Teach them to NEVER go anywhere or take ANYTHING from someone they do not know.
10. Teach them to “check first” with my safe grownups for permission before they go anywhere, change their plans, or get into a car, even when it is someone they know.
11. Teach them about private body parts and that no one should touch them their except for toileting or a doctor.
12. Teach them they do not have to be polite and let people hug or kiss them if it does not feel right.    

Parents also need to understand that not all strangers are bad people. 95% of sex crimes are by people you or your child will know. 
Also please let your child play outside. Crimes are not bad as the media would like for you to think.
There are 700,500 People on the register in the united state. If that was true that sex offender CAN'T be cure then there would be lots more kids and woman getting rape and touch.

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DeAnn RSOwife said...

Good blog post, Lora! Like always, you totally hit the nail on the head!