Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My son is home

Well it has been awhile. Lets see if I can bring you up to date.

First off. MY SON IS HOME!   He made parole and came home in January. He is living in the trailer we got him. We thought we got him a good one. But the heater won't work, and AC wont' come on. The oven is a hit and miss on working. AT least he can spent the day with my parents, who cook for him, Or he comes over to our house.  He had to wear the ankle monitor for 3 months. He got that off the other day. He is trying to find a job, which is hate since he can't get on the internet to look nor apply. My Mother or I have to do that for him.  It really makes not scene.  He can spend the whole day over at my mother's house or my house where we have a computer. He just can’t sleeps next to one.
My son had an interview with a big local chain to work the night time stocking crew. He is waiting to hear back from them. Please keep your finger and toes, pray to who every your God might be.  He really needs this. Not just for the money, but for the self confidence.

I swear the government has their heads up their ass. It is all about the money.  I'm going to throw some numbers out to you.
Based on these figures and on the approximate number of persons currently incarcerated in Arkansas.
 Our state SPENDS 24,400.00 PER inmate, per year.
If 500 inmates remain incarcerated because they have no halfway house that will accept them, or any place to live, and they have to prospects for work,
Just because they are on the registry
Arkansas WASTE at least 12,200,00.00  Each year.  Is there a better indicator as to why "the system" is failing?

Prison makes money. There has to be a better way. Can you imagine what kind of school we could have if just half of that was used for school?!!!!
I know... Let’s just say we do have that kind of money going to school, and then maybe the kids would get a great education, and not commit a crime. They would go to College and get jobs, maybe creates jobs or even become a normal ever day Joe that everyone loves.

I'm going to leave you with two stories:

Just one of the reason I fight this, is so another mother won't have to go through the pain like I have and still have. I got the phone call the other day. Same story. Son going to college, had porn on his computer, a normal great young man. And now another heartbroken mother. I feel like I'm too late. But I keep on fighting.

My husband just got back on a trip. While we were waiting on our plane to unload so we could get on. I notice a older man walk off with a Militate boy walking behind him.  I say boy because he didn't looked to be over the age of 19. I saw them check out where their next gate was. When the young man turned around. I will never forget his face, His hand were handcuffed to the front of him. He just stood there. I know he was embarrassed. And the DAMN older man I know could have done something to cover up the hand. The young man was in uniform, OH course we are going to look at him. I still get tearing eye as I think about this. The young men saw me looking at him. I put my two fingers to my lips as to send him a kiss and then I put them over my heart. Just to let him know I was on his side, and my heart went out to him. Course I could not help but think, that what he did was not that wrong, and could be forgiving.

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