Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I have change

To my friends, Old one and news ones.

I am sorry. My life has taken me down a road I really don't wan to go down, but will because I believe in my son and want to make his life more easier. You may not like what he did, But if you have ever met my son, you know what a kind, gently soul he is. He would never hurt anyone. So please don't judge him for a mistake he made.  We have all made mistake that we are not proud of.

When you do judge him, I feel like you are judging me as a mom.

I am sorry that the only thing I can talk about is the Sex Offender issue. You have to understand this is my life. I don't go shopping anymore. It's not that I don't want to, its that I don't care to. I have found something more important  to do with my time.  I miss the old life. The carefree, Not a worry, Two great kids.

I still have two great kids,  But I can't brag about them like you can with your kids.  You don't want to here what my son has been up to. How hard he has it. That a Guard keeps writing him up, because he is a Sex Offender, And if he keep writing him up then he will lose his  Class 1. You don't want to here that My son has made a friend Mitch.   You don't want to hear any of that, But that is all I have to talk about.

So I am sorry that this is my life, This is the only thing I can talk about. I am really sorry. I do miss the carefree world I used to live in. But I see the world different now. I see that things need to change, Not just the Sex Offender laws but other laws. We are losing our freedom. I see that, you may not.

My Passion is to make a change for both of my kids and yours. Please try to understand that. The next time you see me, please don't walk away from me, but at least say Hello. You don't have to ask "How I am doing?"  Because you know you will get the same answer from me as you did the day before. "hanging in there"  What I would like to say is. "not doing good at all. I am worry about my son. I am worry about the law and that I might not be able to make a change, That I am losing friends over this. I don't want to be alone in this fright. I want you to understanding the pain I 'm going though."  That I what I wish I could say.

To my new friends, Who understand what I'm going through as you are going though it also. I am not sure what I would do without you. It is nice to be going through this fight with such strong woman.


Anonymous said...

I understand to a certain extent what you're going through. I'm sure having a son wearing this label is way worse than a spouse. But I can relate to losing friends.

Anonymous said...

I have lost almost everyone in my life since this all started. So I also can understand the losing of friends. I am with you....